Our new Ecommerce store! 

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Our new Ecommerce store! 

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Repairs & Airfills

Our technicians have over 30 combined years experience servicing scuba gear. They hold certifications from Professional Scuba Inspectors and several manufactureres to ensure your repairs are done right. Additionally, with our in-house air compressor, we are able to quickly and efficiently fill your tanks to get you back in the water. Check out our affordable rates below.

Regulator Services

Regulator first-stage full service*: $35.00

Regulator second-stage full service*: $35.00

BCD full service (BCD only, no air secondaries**): $27.00

Regulator bench test: $13.00

Battery change: $13.00

BCD repair/tare: $47.00

Regulator environmental seal: $40.00

AGA Mask service/repair: $167.00

Tank Services

Visual inspection with valve and air fill: $27.00

Re-oxygen cleaning: $40.00

1st oxygen cleaning: $80.00

Tumbling: $27.00

Full hydro with valve, including visual inspection and air: $51.00

Hydro only, no valve: $40.00

K-bottle, re-oxygen cleaning: $60.00

1st K-bottle oxygen cleaning: $100.00

K-bottle tumbling: $47.00

K-bottle full hydro with valve: $87.00

​Tank valve rebuild: $13.00

Sand blasting: $87.00/hour (1 hour minimum)

There is an additional $5.00 shipping and handling fee per item

*Regulator annual service kits vary depending on the manufacturer and can range from $18.75 to $62.50 (not including tax) per annual service kit depending on the type and model.

​**This service includes cleaning and testing of inflators and pumps. Any new parts and installation labor for such parts is not included.